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Parts of pallets
The bottoms and covers for pallets are custom-made with the provided drawings.
Milled half-finished articles for the production of certified CP pallets, as well as other milled elements.

Elements with longitudinal milling for packing tape.
We manufacture products of various types and sizes at clients' requests.

Wooden bars
Basic thickness: 30-150 mm
Width: 50-200 mm
Basic length: 500-4000 mm

Quality requirements for the  I choice: 
conifer wood and hardwood, fresh cutting, not blackened, right angle, without rot, without cracks, without mold and pests' damages.
Tolerance: thickness -0 / + 2 mm, width -0 / + 3 mm, length -2 / + 2 mm.

Quality requirements for the II choice:
without cracks, without rot, allowable chamfer 1/3 of the width of the thickness, well-maintained tolerances for cutting, equal sizes.
Tolerance: thickness -0 / + 2 mm, width -0 / + 3 mm, length -2 / + 2 mm